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Tips to Help Motivate Your Child to Read

  • Let your child choose the text you read together. It is much more meaningful if the subject is interesting for your child.
  • Make reading an adventure every day. Vary the place you read—on the couch, in the garden, in a tree house, under the kitchen table, in a tent!
  • Ensure that reading time is uninterrupted time. Giving your child one-on-one special time is very important.
  • Make reading a game! You read one sentence and your child reads another. It can be fun!
  • If your child enjoys movies, try reading the book before seeing the movie based on the book.
  • Encourage your child to read to a younger sibling. Have your children choose a book they know well and the older child will experience the joy of reading to others.
  • Visit the library. Sit and read together, choose books for the whole week and enjoy the atmosphere of other people who enjoy books.
  • Take books (print, audio or electronic) on journeys. Sitting in a car, train or plane are excellent places to share a book with your child.
  • Keep stories on your electronic hand-held devices for unexpected waiting moments. 
  • Play board games with your child. Many board games require reading and can be a great way to learn vocabulary while having fun playing.
  • Read all kinds of texts: comic books, cereal boxes, baseball cards, joke websites—it’s all reading!
  • Model reading—show your child you love to read too!
  • Praise your child for every small step he or she accomplishes.