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Reading With Your Child

Reading together can help your child develop as a reader. Here are a few suggestions:.

  • With beginning readers, sometimes it is a good idea to read the whole book to your child first. This way he or she is familiar with the story and can use this knowledge to read the words when reading the book again.
  • Read a sentence, paragraph or a page each. This makes the reading more varied and can help out if the text is that little bit more challenging for your child.
  • Read together in chorus.This helps when your child does not know a word.
  • Model how to blend sounds together or how to read phonetically where necessary.
  • If your child is struggling a lot with a word, help out by reading aloud the correct word
  • Make sure the book is appropriate. If your child stumbles more than three times on a page, it is probably too challenging for the moment. Try something a little easier so your child can be successful!


  • Reading aloud to your child in a second language will also encourage language development through new vocabulary and grammatical structures.
  • Choose books with repeated patterns that you and your child can read again with different voices. Choose picture books where the text matches the illustrations.
  • Look for read-aloud versions of books on the Internet.
  • Look for simple project books about subjects such as baking, crafting or even magic tricks. Try to bake a treat, make a project or develop a new talent together.