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Long before school starts, children are already becoming readers. There are many ways for you, as parents, to support your child in the early stages:

As a parent, you are already aware of the importance of your child learning to read. But how to help him or her in the early stages? There are many ways for you, as parents, to support your child:

Read to and with your child, often and with pleasure. Stories can be funny, touching, exciting; information can be intriguing, useful, satisfying. So enjoy many kinds of texts with your child, from books and magazines to maps, menus and cereal boxes.

As you read, be sure to enjoy the illustrations, discuss characters, imagine possibilities, wonder and notice and question and laugh. The ability to think and talk about written material is a crucial skill for school success.

Help your child with skills such as learning the shapes and sounds of letters, or identifying rhyming words. While the ultimate goal is comprehension, practice in the use of these essential tools is important for your child.
Remember that reading, writing and talking are strongly interconnected in the development of a literate child. Encourage all three.