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Secondary ESL in the QEP

The suggested activities for each book in the QRC collection connect literature to the MEES ESL program through the ESL competencies and the Progression of Learning as well as the Broad Areas of Learning and the Cross-curricular Competencies.

In Secondary English as a Second Language

Students increase their ability to interact with a wide variety of texts appropriate to their age, interests and level of English language development. Students are encouraged to engage in texts of their own choosing, as well as those chosen or suggested by the teacher. They construct meaning of texts through the response process.

The competency "Reinvests understanding of texts" used in synergy with "Interacts orally in English" and "Writes and produces texts" gives students the opportunity to use and integrate newly acquired knowledge from texts.

Students listen to, read and view a variety of authentic popular, literary and information-based texts in order to explore ideas and issues as well as for personal enjoyment. Students enrich their knowledge of cultural products associated with the cultures of the English-speaking world through books from Québec, from Canada and throughout the world.