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Elementary ESL in the QEP

The suggested activities for each book in the QRC collection connect literature to the MEES ESL program through the ESL competencies and the Progression of Learning as well as the Broad Areas of Learning and the Cross-curricular Competencies.

In Elementary Cycle One

Stories and songbooks written for native English speakers provide a major source of authentic language in the students’ second language. When selecting books for Elementary Cycle One ESL students, we consider books that can be read aloud by the teacher, feature highly predictable sequences of events and have lively, recurrent passages.

In Elementary Cycles Two and Three

Stories in Cycles Two and Three are most often read aloud and discussed as a whole group before students are asked to interact, read or write in small groups or on their own. Books lend themselves to developing the three ESL competencies "Interacts orally in English", "Reinvests understanding of oral and written texts" and "Writes texts". For example, after reading aloud the story Caramba (a story about a cat who cannot fly) and discussing what happens in the story with the group, students can share ideas with their peers about what they can and can’t do, and how they are similar or different from each other, before writing their text.